The Paris Agreement and especially its indicative 1.5°C target pose a dramatic challenge for the energy system, requiring both unprecedented decarbonization. Per example, Direct Air Capture Technologies and mineralization are being implemented successfully, but they haven't found a connection that can potentially improve both methods. Retorno-X Technology is trying to close this important gap by bringing the source to both of them.

Direct Source Capture - The Spider (DSCTS)

Direct air capture (DAC) technologies are receiving increasing attention from the scientific community, commercial enterprises, policymakers and governments. While deep decarbonization of all sectors is required to meet the Paris Agreement target, DAC can help deal with difficult to avoid emissions (aviation, ocean-shipping, iron-steel, cement, mining, plastics, fertilizers, pulp and paper).

Gas Collector - Rocket Test & Launch (GCRTL)

Gas Collector - Ocean Launch & Return - (GCOLR) - Multipurpose Structure (CRINOIDS)

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